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As a UiPath Platinum Partner we offer a wide range of Professional Services and Development solutions to help clients maximise the potential of their automation initiatives.

These services encompass product expertise, process optimisation, best practices implementation, exercises, assessments, and certification programs.

What we can provide

UiPath Product Services

EAS provides in-depth knowledge and support for the UiPath platform, assisting clients in harnessing its capabilities to drive automation success. This includes installation, configuration, and customization of UiPath products to align with specific business requirements.

Process Optimisation

EAS works closely with clients to analyse existing business processes and identify automation opportunities. They provide consultancy services to optimise and reengineer processes, ensuring maximum efficiency and value from automation implementations.

Best Practices Implementation

EAS assists clients in adopting industry-leading best practices for automation development, governance, and maintenance. They guide organizations in establishing robust automation frameworks, standards, and guidelines to drive scalability, maintainability, and security.

Exercises and Workshops

EAS conducts hands-on exercises and workshops to enable clients to gain practical experience in developing automation solutions using UiPath. These sessions enhance the skills of developers and users, fostering a strong foundation in automation development and utilisation.


EAS performs comprehensive assessments of existing automation implementations to identify areas of improvement, optimisation, and expansion. Through these assessments, clients can uncover untapped potential and enhance the effectiveness of their automation strategies.

Certification Programs

EAS offers certification programs to validate the proficiency of developers and administrators in UiPath. These certifications demonstrate expertise and enhance the credibility of individuals within the organisation.

Driving tangible business benefits and growth

By leveraging UiPath Professional Services and Development offerings from EAS, clients can unlock the full potential of their automation initiatives. EAS's expertise in UiPath products, process optimization, best practices implementation, hands-on exercises, assessments, and certifications empower organisations to achieve scalable, efficient, and successful automation implementations, driving tangible business benefits and growth.

Flexible training options

EAS offers flexible training options to meet the diverse needs of clients. Training can be conducted virtually, on the client's site, or in EAS's state-of-the-art classroom facilities.

Virtual Training

EAS provides virtual training sessions that can be accessed remotely from anywhere. This option allows for convenient and flexible learning, as participants can join training sessions without the need for travel. Virtual training sessions include live instructor-led classes, interactive exercises, and hands-on labs conducted through web-based platforms, ensuring an engaging and collaborative learning experience.

On-Client Site Training

EAS offers training directly at the client's location. This option is beneficial when organisations prefer a more personalised and tailored approach to training. EAS's experienced trainers visit the client's premises to deliver training sessions, allowing participants to learn in their familiar work environment and address specific automation challenges unique to their organisation.

State-of-the-Art Classroom Training

EAS provides a dedicated training facility equipped with state-of-the-art technology and learning resources. Clients can choose to send their employees to EAS's classroom for hands-on training. This option offers a focused and immersive learning environment where participants can interact with instructors, engage in collaborative exercises, and gain practical experience with the latest automation tools and techniques.

Clients' Testimonials

There was a certain level of relief that the introduction of the new system and robot would release the immunisation team from the time-consuming and mundane task of inputting the vast amount of patient data. “There were concerns about how their roles may change so it was important for them to understand how the technology’s introduction will relieve pressure and allow them to focus on other work for the team.” “For those continuing to work with the immunisation programme, we needed to identify where any skills gaps exist. With the RPA transfer via CSV files there would be increased need to understand aspects of Excel, so we put in place training during the implementation phases to make sure things ran smoother during the ‘go live’

Wiktoria Banda CNWL’s RPA Business Analyst

We identified during the development of the bot that Ellucian updates had the potential to have an impact on how the bot interacts with the platform. By working with our IT Services team, EAS was able to adapt the way the bot shares data so that when the platform is updated the bot requires minimal changes with minimal disruption to workflow. “Having a dedicated EAS project manager has been a major benefit for the project. By working closely with us have come to understand our needs and the result is a bot which has made a significant impact to the admissions department.

Jude King Liverpool University’s Associate Director

EAS helped the University of Sheffield start our automation journey, quickly getting our RPA pilot into production. This has given us the confidence to adopt further processes across the department.

Claire Kennedy University of Sheffield

Our recent experiences meant considering seriously whether there could be a role for a robot in the business. If it could improve efficiencies, those cost savings could be passed on to our consortium members and that feeds straight back as more money for patient care. “As a not-for-profit business we are also a fairly lean organisation so RPA could help to maximise our resources and free staff from the repetitive time-consuming tasks while making their jobs more professionally and personally fulfilling. This could also give us the opportunity to improve and develop the business while enhancing the skills we have with the organisation.

Craig Alderson NEP’s Head of Applications

EAS understood what we needed and quickly identified how we could benefit, at a time when the NHS were under enormous pressure. This has quite simply, got NEP into a position where we see RPA as an integral support tool for NEP and it's NHS colleagues.

Craig Alderson NEP’s Head of Applications

EAS had the best understanding of our challenges and their previous experience of working with NHS organisations meant they could quickly get to grips with the project. Joining with them was a real turning point.

Andrew Massey Central & North West London NHS