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We're super excited to introduce you to TalkBOTS, your new buddy for exploring documents and discovering amazing insights

With TalkBOTS, you’ll feel like a document detective, uncovering all the hidden secrets and meaning in your papers.

So, here’s the deal: TalkBOTS is not your regular document reader. It’s like a super-smart language expert that can understand and make sense of everything you throw at it. It creates a big map of knowledge from your documents, making it easy for you to connect the dots and see the bigger picture.

Your new buddy for exploring documents

You don't need to be a tech whiz to use TalkBOTS

You can simply ask it questions in plain English, just like you talk to a friend. TalkBOTS will give you clear and helpful answers, even if you're not a tech guru!

And here's the coolest part: TalkBots doesn't stop at just answering questions. It's like a mind reader for your documents! It uses fancy machine learning tricks to create colourful dashboards and smart insights. You can explore your data visually, spot trends, and make smart decisions without any hassle.

The best thing about TalkBOTS is that it's super flexible. Whether you're dealing with business reports, legal stuff, or anything else, TalkBOTS has your back. It's like having a smart assistant that can handle anything you throw at it!

By using TalkBOTS, you'll not only save time but also be a document wizard. You'll uncover the real meaning in your papers, make better choices, and impress everyone with your super-sleuth skills!

So, get ready to step into the world of smart document exploration with TalkBOTS. Say goodbye to boring documents and hello to exciting insights and discoveries. Let's make your document journey fun and productive together!

Benefits of using TalkBOT

Enhanced Document Understanding

With TalkBOTS, users can delve deeper into their documents, unlocking hidden meaning and connections that might have remained unnoticed. This newfound clarity enhances overall knowledge management and leads to more informed decision-making.

Real-Time Insights and Interactive Analysis

TalkBOTS machine learning-driven dashboards provide actionable insights in real-time, empowering users to monitor key performance indicators, identify trends, and explore data visually. This interactive analysis streamlines workflows and boosts productivity across organizations.

Simplified Data Exploration

TalkBOTS natural language querying eliminates the need for specialized technical skills, democratizing access to critical information within documents. Anyone can now explore and understand complex data without the barriers of technical jargon or extensive training.

Time and Cost Savings

By automating document processing and insights generation, TalkBOTS significantly reduces manual efforts, allowing users to focus on high-value tasks and strategic initiatives. This time and cost-saving benefit ensures a quick return on investment for organizations.

Key Features

Document Interaction and Understanding

TalkBOTS excels at document comprehension, meticulously analyzing textual content, and building a comprehensive knowledge graph. Users can now navigate through their documents with ease, gaining a holistic understanding of complex concepts and relationships.

Natural Language Querying

The platform allows users to ask questions in natural language, making it easy for anyone to interact with their documents. TalkBOTS advanced language processing capabilities ensure accurate and contextually relevant responses to user queries, irrespective of their technical proficiency.

Machine Learning-Driven Dashboards and Insights

TalkBOTS goes beyond mere document reading by employing machine learning algorithms to generate interactive dashboards and actionable insights. Users can now visualize trends, patterns, and correlations within their documents, facilitating data-driven decision-making and strategic planning.

Scalable and Versatile

TalkBOTS is designed to adapt and cater to various industries, departments, and document types. Whether it's business reports, legal contracts, scientific research, or any other domain-specific document, TalkBOTS effortlessly handles diverse use cases with precision and accuracy.

How can it help your Industry

  1. Sales Insights and Forecasting: Use Case: TalkBOTS helps sales teams analyze customer data, track sales performance, and predict future sales trends. It creates interactive dashboards to visualize sales metrics, identify high-potential leads, and make data-driven sales strategies.
  2. Marketing Campaign Optimization: Use Case: TalkBOTS assists marketing teams in understanding campaign performance by analyzing customer engagement, click-through rates, and conversion data. It provides insights to optimize marketing efforts and improve ROI.
  3. Competitor Analysis: Use Case: TalkBOTS monitors competitors’ activities by reading and extracting relevant information from news articles, social media, and industry reports. It helps marketing teams stay ahead of the competition and adapt marketing strategies accordingly.
  1. Regulatory Compliance Monitoring:Use Case: TalkBOTS reads and interprets regulatory documents, helping compliance teams stay updated on changing laws and regulations. It creates alerts for compliance deadlines, ensuring the organization remains compliant with industry rules.
  2. Contract Analysis and Review: Use Case: TalkBOTS assists legal departments in reviewing contracts and agreements. It identifies important clauses, highlights potential risks, and streamlines the contract review process.
  3. Risk Assessment and Internal Auditing: Use Case: TalkBOTS analyses financial data and internal processes to identify potential risks and control weaknesses. It generates audit reports and tracks remediation actions for improved risk management.
  1. Employee Data Management: Use Case: TalkBOTS handles employee data, such as performance reviews, leave requests, and training records. It provides insights to HR teams for better talent management and employee engagement.
  2. IT Ticket Resolution:Use Case: TalkBOTS reads and processes IT support tickets, categorising and prioritising issues for efficient resolution. It helps IT teams address problems quickly, reducing downtime and enhancing user satisfaction.
  3. Payroll and Expense Management: Use Case: TalkBOTS reads and extracts data from expense reports and timesheets for automated payroll processing. It ensures accurate and timely employee reimbursements and payroll calculations.
  1. Financial Data Analysis: Use Case: TalkBOTS analyses financial statements and transactions, generating visual reports to understand cash flow, profitability, and financial performance. It helps finance teams make informed decisions.
  2. Budgeting and Forecasting:Use Case: TalkBOTS assists in budget creation and forecasting by processing historical financial data and identifying trends. It provides insights to support realistic financial planning.
  3. Vendor Invoice Processing: Use Case: TalkBOTS reads and verifies vendor invoices, automating the accounts payable process. It expedites invoice approvals, reduces manual errors, and streamlines vendor payments.

Clients' Testimonials

There was a certain level of relief that the introduction of the new system and robot would release the immunisation team from the time-consuming and mundane task of inputting the vast amount of patient data. “There were concerns about how their roles may change so it was important for them to understand how the technology’s introduction will relieve pressure and allow them to focus on other work for the team.” “For those continuing to work with the immunisation programme, we needed to identify where any skills gaps exist. With the RPA transfer via CSV files there would be increased need to understand aspects of Excel, so we put in place training during the implementation phases to make sure things ran smoother during the ‘go live’

Wiktoria Banda CNWL’s RPA Business Analyst

We identified during the development of the bot that Ellucian updates had the potential to have an impact on how the bot interacts with the platform. By working with our IT Services team, EAS was able to adapt the way the bot shares data so that when the platform is updated the bot requires minimal changes with minimal disruption to workflow. “Having a dedicated EAS project manager has been a major benefit for the project. By working closely with us have come to understand our needs and the result is a bot which has made a significant impact to the admissions department.

Jude King Liverpool University’s Associate Director

EAS helped the University of Sheffield start our automation journey, quickly getting our RPA pilot into production. This has given us the confidence to adopt further processes across the department.

Claire Kennedy University of Sheffield

Our recent experiences meant considering seriously whether there could be a role for a robot in the business. If it could improve efficiencies, those cost savings could be passed on to our consortium members and that feeds straight back as more money for patient care. “As a not-for-profit business we are also a fairly lean organisation so RPA could help to maximise our resources and free staff from the repetitive time-consuming tasks while making their jobs more professionally and personally fulfilling. This could also give us the opportunity to improve and develop the business while enhancing the skills we have with the organisation.

Craig Alderson NEP’s Head of Applications

EAS understood what we needed and quickly identified how we could benefit, at a time when the NHS were under enormous pressure. This has quite simply, got NEP into a position where we see RPA as an integral support tool for NEP and it's NHS colleagues.

Craig Alderson NEP’s Head of Applications

EAS had the best understanding of our challenges and their previous experience of working with NHS organisations meant they could quickly get to grips with the project. Joining with them was a real turning point.

Andrew Massey Central & North West London NHS