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How we work

Our engagement process – the 5 D’s

Whenever we engage with an organisation to support them with Robotic Process Automation, we follow a set process:

We work with you to help you learn about RPA and its possibilities for your business. For many organisations, RPA is a relatively new technology, so it’s important to start with thoroughly understanding what RPA is, and what it can do for your specific business. We also review your current business processes to identify which processes could be streamlined and eventually automated with robots.

We collate all the information from our discovery conversations with you and weight the different business processes based on the frequency of the process being executed, and the value that could be uncovered by automating the process to understand which processes are causing the most pain (and cost) for your business.

Once the processes that are suitable for automation have been agreed on, our Business Analysts sit down with your staff to define your processes, step by step. They capture every stage of your process to create a process blueprint for our robots.

After the process has been defined, we deliver your solution – from the hardware infrastructure through to building the robots that will execute your business processes.

Once the solution is in place, we can work with you to continually develop and optimise your processes, looking at how existing business activities can be streamlined to save you time, money and resources through more efficient process delivery.