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How RPA improves lives in healthcare

Patient Admissions and Record Management using RPA

By far the biggest benefit of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is that it can have a very positive impact on hectic working environments, where people are stretched and the demand for process is very high.

Healthcare meets that criteria very well, and at EAS we’ve worked with several NHS Trusts to help them experience the significant benefits RPA can offer.

As the NHS is already stretched when it comes to administration and resources, when peaks in workloads happen, there’s very little resource available to accommodate them. Traditionally, the response has been to “throw more bodies” at the problem, however RPA offers a far better alternative.

More than 20 NHS trusts are using RPA in a number of areas, and patient record management is a key focus to remove administrative burdens on trusts.  RPA bots (software code that replicate human data entry tasks) is ideal for when there is repetition, for example processing referrals from GPs.

Typically this is performed manually, receiving, printing and scanning documents, these would then need to be reviewed, routed to the correct department or person, and then actioned.

Bots can accept the reports, analyse them for keywords which defines how the documents are routed, and can extract exceptions and duplications for human review. The bot can also trawl through other systems in response to the referral to extract relevant patient information and clinical images needed to process/manage the referral.

This can save a huge amount of processing time for clinical secretaries, for example, freeing up their time for higher value, patient facing activity. It has the potential to reduce patient waiting times through departmental efficiencies, as well as through faster handling of referrals.

At Endpoint Automation Services we’ve seen process efficiencies in the NHS that are six times faster than the manual process execution, which if you multiply across many administrative processes, offers a real solution to the NHS resource and budget crisis.

The NHS itself provides guidance to Trusts on what RPA is, and if you’d like some impartial advice on what processes you could move to RPA, then please contact us.

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