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Transport for London

Support teams no longer had to manually review most refund requests and only spent time on more complex issues. As a result refund processing was dramatically sped up.


When an automatic traffic charge system was introduced, some customers were incorrectly auto-charged straight to their bank accounts. This meant that there were lots of refund requests that had to be managed manually by a team of administration staff. Support teams were having to manually review each refund request, review it and then process the refund if it was found eligible.

EAS worked with the traffic management organisation to simplify the process that was already in place by reviewing their current activities and making suggestions about how it could be streamlined. We then developed a robot that could go through every refund request submitted, check it against certain criteria, and if found eligible, the robot would offer a refund to the customer and process the refund. For more complex refund requests, the robot would extract the key information and present it in a dashboard to staff for them to review and make quicker decisions, from which the robot could offer and process the refund.

Robotic Process Automation reduced the time and cost involved in managing the entire refund process and improved the customer response time by auto-processing simple refunds.