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Using RPA meant that administrative teams increased processing by 40% and focused more on complex information analysis.

When patients move from one county to another, their GP records have to be updated when registering at a new GP practice. Patients’ records need to be updated with new information which can sometimes be incorrect, such as a postcode that doesn’t match the correct address. A team of people were employed to manually validate this information, checking the format of data was correct and that all information matched up. When spread across 30,000 records to check every month, this was a time-consuming and costly task.

EAS automated the validation process of the information submitted, checking data formats were valid (i.e. ensuring the date format was correct and that phone numbers only included numbers) and also cross-referencing postcodes with Post Office data to automatically check whether patient addresses were complete and accurate.

With Robotic Process Automation, EAS helped the outsourcer who managed the contract to speed up their activities by 40% by reducing the amount of manual processing required. Their administrative teams could instead focus on checking and correcting more complex information rather than having to work through every single record submitted. It also reduced the opportunity for manual errors to occur, as the robots applied the same consistent criteria to every record submitted.