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Commercial Drains Company

The company wanted to make it easier for engineers to log client support activity to reduce SLA time lag.

Reports showed that the drains company sometimes missed their customers’ service level agreements (SLAs), resulting in lost revenue and lower customer satisfaction rates because engineers were failing to log their arrival and job completion times into client support ticket portals. The company had SLAs determining how long a client had to wait between a support request being submitted and an engineer arriving on site. Engineers were completing jobs in the agreed timeframe, however, the jobs weren’t being logged so reports showed that they were missing their SLAs.

EAS put in place a Robotic Process Automation solution that triggered reminders to engineers to encourage them to log when a job had started, and automatically sent the logged information to all of the required client support ticket portals and applications.

Engineers didn’t have to log into multiple client support portals to update job information; this was done automatically by our robots. The company was also able to demonstrate that it was keeping to its clients’ SLAs, resulting in increased revenue by reducing the error rate for logging job information and improving customer satisfaction levels through more accurate job log reporting.