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RPA & Artificial Intelligence.

How people’s lives are improved.

What it means for your employees
Some people assume that RPA and AI will replace jobs, however the most appropriate way to view automation is diverting resources and time to tasks that deliver higher levels of value to the business.

According to an August 2018 HR Director publication, one in four employees are not engaged in the work they are doing, with 32% “not stimulated’ by the tasks they are performing. 36% also stated that they felt the work they were doing was not meaningful.

Further, in the AON 2018 Trends in Global Employee Engagement, Employee engagement has only risen by 6% since 2011.

While other factors are important, reducing time spent on repetitive tasks and increasing time spend on more meaningful work will have a significant impact on employee engagement.

Improved employee engagement is directly linked to profitability and growth, more than 75% of high growth companies use this as a KPI in their business, while on 44% of slow growth companies do.

What it means for your customers

Irrespective of who your customers are, consumers or other businesses, as productivity increases through faster processing and as employees have more time to spend directly with customers, the happier your customers are likely to be.

Barriers to purchase can be reduced or eliminated, creative thinking can be increased and customer service drastically improved.

Queries are handled & resolved more quickly, processes are faster and data processing is far more accurate.